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When Procuring The Materials You Need

When Procuring The Materials You Need

Our experience and knowledge are the main tools to reach customer satisfaction goals, by reducing time and costs. We consistently outperform our competitors in customer service and pricing.

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Steel offers many advantages in the construction industry due to its exceptional qualities, such as durability, high tensile strength, and resistance to corrosion. Our company is a renowned metal fabricator that supplies steel products and handles metal projects globally.

Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas

Carbon steel and stainless steel are the two most common metal materials used in the oil and gas industry, and for good reason. They are strong, can handle high heat, and are resistant to corrosion.

Industries We Serve


Steel plate is used in the bodies and propulsion systems of the naval fleet. The control cables on virtually all military aircraft, including fighter jets and military transport planes, are produced from steel wire rope.

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I would not hesitate to recommend KNS Industrial Supply. Their customer service is outstanding; they really go the extra mile is helping you choose the right products for your intended use. They are very honest and will inform you upfront about any long lead or delivery timeframes or recommend comparable products to meet your needs. The products I have purchased from them are good quality. Give them a call and see what they can provide for you!

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